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Press releases

Leti to Demonstrate Wireless High Data Rate Li-Fi Prototype at Light + Building 2014 in Frankfurt


The R&D program PRIIM launched by IPDiA reaches its end and allows the industrialization of ultra-miniaturized


Eveon and Leti Mark Milestone in Fabrication Of Smart Bolus-type Micro-pump for Drug Delivery


Leti Demonstrates Ultra-scaled Self-aligned Split-gate Memory Cell With 16nm Gate Length


Europe launches PLACYD, a large consortium to address Directed Self Assembly (DSA) Lithography


Leti and STMicroelectronics Demonstrate Order-of-Magnitude-Faster FD-SOI Ultra-Wide-Voltage Range DSP


Leti Day Paris Will Be Held During Techinnov 2014 on Feb. 13


Leti Startups Demonstrate Innovative Products at CES 2014; Leti Partner Cityzen Sciences Wins Award for Smart Monitoring Shirt


Soitec and CEA sign a Five Year R&D Partnership on Advanced Engineered Substrates and Materials


Nanomedicine Map Reveals the European Landscape and Potential as Never Seen Before


Leti Announces Update of UTSOI Model that Allows Designers To Improve Trade-Off between Performance and Power Use


Leti Presentation at IEDM 2013 Will Report Phase-Change Memory Developments for Microcontroller Embedded Applications


Leti Researchers Present Five Papers at IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium & Medical Imaging Conference in Seoul, Korea


Leti Announces MEMS Research Collaboration with OMRON


next-generation Leti Magnetometers On Board Swarm Satellites Will Expand Understanding of Earth’s Magnetic Field


Nanoplas Announces Important New 14nm Order and Joint Development Agreement with CEA-Leti


A l’occasion de l’IEDM 2013, le CEA-Leti présente les dernières avancées des technologies faible coût et faible consommation d’énergie destinées au secteur des semi-conducteurs


Leti, AEPI and iSketchnote Creators to Participate In MEMS Executive Congress, Nov. 7-8, in Napa, Calif.


Two Major EU Research Institutes and Three High-tech SMEs Launch Project to Industrialize New World Record High-density Capacitors


Leti Transfer of Lipidots® Technology to Cosmetics Maker Capsum Produces First Commercial Use of Nanovector Technology


CLINATEC Chairman Alim-Louis Benabid Honored By U.S. Research Institute for Parkinson’s Disease Work


EMPC 2013, the European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference, Draws More than 450 Attendees and Record Number of Exhibitors


Leti Startup ISKN Launches iSketchnote, A Disruptive iPad Cover, on Kickstarter


Nanomed Line on the Horizon


European-Japanese Collaboration Focusing on ‘Cloud of Things’ To Support Smart Cities


Leti and Partners in SOCRATE Project Focusing on Miniature Antennas with Super-Directivity Radiation Properties


Leti’s IDEAL and IMAGINE Programs Demonstrate Cost-effective Solutions to Extend 193nm Immersion Lithography for 1X Nodes


CLINATEC Chairman Alim-Louis Benabid Honored by Michael J.Fox Foundation for Pioneering Work in Treating Parkinson’s Disease


CEA-Leti Announces €1 Million from bpifrance (ex OSEO) to Speed Preclinical Development of Cancer-Detecting Nanoparticles


Leti Developing Miniaturized Sensors for Artificial Kidney that Provides Improved Dialysis, Convenience for Patients


CEA-Leti Wins Avantex Innovation Prize in New Materials Category for E-Thread® Technology


Leti’s Direct Semiconductor Bonding and Advanced Layer Transfer Expertise Key to Developing New High-Efficiency Solar Cells


HELIOS Program Develops Complete Supply Chain for Integrating Photonics with CMOS Circuit via IC Fabrication Processes


CORMORAN Project Exploring Ways to Improve Cooperation In and Between Wireless Body Area Networks


BeSpoon and Leti Establish World Record Distance Measurement on a Single Chip


Leti Will Share its Latest Silicon Photonic News At OFC/NFOEC 2013


Leti and Menapic Launch Project to Extend Materials Analysis Uses Of Colored Picosecond Acoustics Technology


CEA-Leti Obtains Test Licence to Validate Innovative Wireless Technologies in Television White Space (TVWS)


CEA-Leti and Agilent to Present Results on Millimeter-Wave Short-Range Communication Integrated Systems Jan. 23 at IEEE SiRF Conference


The Solar-Powered Shutter That Works in All Seasons and On All Facades


Patrick Boisseau, Head of Leti’s Nanomed Program, Elected Chairman Of the European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine


Researchers from STMicroelectronics and CEA-Leti Receive 2012 Général Ferrié Grand Prize Award


European Project Targets Innovative Solutions that Allow Reliable Circuits to Be Designed from Low-power Unreliable Components


Attolight and Leti Launch Joint-Development Program to Extend Applications for Company’s Cathodoluminescence Technology


CEA-Leti’s information technologies enter Utrema’s multimedia products


CEA-Leti announces arrival of jury for ceremony to honor recipient of the 2011 Général Ferrié Radio Engineering Awar


Special feature on Nanomedicine in Biofutur No.333, in collaboration with the CEA LETI Institute


Mentor Graphics, STMicroelectronics and CEA-Leti join to launch the technological R&D programs of the NanoElec IRT


CEA-Leti and Arkema set up a platform dedicated to lithography based on nanostructured polymers


CEA-Leti and III-V lab reports significant results after one year of collaborative research programme


CEA-Leti shares Franco-German Business Award 2011 for the Solarbond research program


CEA-Leti promotes LETI-3S (Silicon Specialty Solutions) concept


Latest news reports on the IPDiA-Leti Common Lab results


MédecinDirect wins prize with its SYMPAD project in the e-Santé call for projects


CEA-Leti and III-V lab demonstrate a fully integrated silicon photonics transmitter


The HELIOS European Project team reaches new heights by demonstrating high speed slow light-enhanced


TEL Joins the CEA-Leti’s IMAGINE Program to prepare for the introduction of EB Maskless Lithography


LETI-MAPPER IMAGINE programme: breakthrough achievements on MAPPER’s multibeam tool


CEA-Leti and six partners join forces to develop industrial access to silicon photonics


CEA-Leti Launches Open 3D™ Initiative


New Global Offer Includes Design, Layout, Testing and Packaging on Leti Platforms

STARCHIP Acquires Contactless Technology through Partnership with CEA-Leti


CEA-Leti Project Develops More Accurate, Less-Invasive Procedure for Detecting Prostate Cancer


Europe’s Heterogeneous Technology Alliance (HTA) Developing Packaging and Testing for MEMS Used in Space Missions


CEA-Leti Teams to Present Seven Papers at IEDM 2011 In Washington, D.C.


JSR Micro Joins CEA-Leti in Project to Develop Sub-20nm Next-Generation Lithography Materials and Processes


Synopsys Joins CEA-Leti’s IMAGINE Program on Maskless Lithography


European Project Achieves Milestone on Route to Fabricating Silicon Photonics Circuits in CMOS-Compatible Process


CEA-Leti and Entegris to Study Cross-Molecular Contamination Between Wafers and Containers in Chip Industry


CEA-Leti Announces Major Improvement in 200mm RF MEMS Switch Manufacturing Process


Leti Develops Ultra-Wideband Communications System To Improve Efficiency, Safety at International Airports


CEA-Leti and Entegris to Study Cross-Molecular Contamination Between Wafers and Containers in Chip Industry


CEA-Leti and NEOLUX Partner to Industrialize Third-generation Intelligent LED Systems


CEA-Leti and 5 partners collaborating on self-powered cardiac pacemaker


Device would be eight-times smaller than current models

CEA-Leti and 7 partners to study ways to improve treatment of inflammatory bowel disease


Arts-Sciences workshop calls for projects for the 2011 A.R.T.S. prize


CEA-Leti Forms Common Lab with IPDiA to Focus on 3D-Integration Technologies for Passive Components on Silicon


Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, Thales and CEA-Leti join forces to combine unique expertise in III-V semiconductors and silicon technologies


Mentor Graphics is fifth industrial partner in CEA-Leti’s IMAGINE Program on maskless lithography


CEA-Leti and LTM partnership to develop advanced nanoelectronic Technologies


Chip-to-wafer direct-metallic-bonding technology developed at Leti used in customized 300mm device bonder


Magillem Design Services and CEA sign multi-year collaboration agreement


Development of a unified hardware/software design platform for complex systems-on-chip

2011 international conference on frontiers of characterization and metrology for nanoelectronics set for may 23-26 in Grenoble


CEA-Leti and Edwards demonstrate energy-saving system for subfab process-support equipment


Controller puts vacuum pumps and abatement system in idle mode when processing equipment is not running

CEA-Leti reports progress in computing, medical electronics, communications, and other fields at ISSCC 2011


CEA-Leti opens new anechoic chamber to businesses and private and academic researchers


Nano-ENO: Developing a 2-in-1 tracer for diagnosing and operating on tumors


Four partners affiliated with CEA in the Rhone-Alpes region are combining their expertise in the Nano-ENO Project to develop an injectable tracer1 that can provide both nuclear imaging in the pre-operative evaluation of tumors and optical imaging during ablation or biopsy.

CEA-Leti and SHINKO sign common-lab agreement to work on advanced semiconductor packaging technology


CEA-Leti ramps up 300mm line dedicated to 3D-integration applications


CEA-Leti will significantly expand its technology offering this month when it ramps up one of Europe’s first 300mm lines dedicated to 3D-integration applications.

TOK joins CEA-Leti IMAGINE program to develop multiple E-Beam lithography sub-20nm resists and processes


European project aims at cutting energy consumption of 4G wireless networks in half


Demoloc : secourir les secouristes


Ou comment suivre les pompiers pour améliorer leur sécurité

CEA-Leti and partners target innovative device for indoor air quality control and non-invasive diagnosis of tuberculosis


Captaucom: Three manufacturing prototypes


The Captaucom program, launched in 2005, has now achieved all its objectives. Three self-powered communicating prototype devices have been developed for the benefit of the three manufacturers involved in the program.

ELIOT®, the world’s first smart, detectable plastic pipe unveiled by RYB and CEA-Leti


RYB, the French leader in piping systems and polyethylene networks, chose the Pollutec exhibition (30 November to 3 December 2010 in Lyon) as a platform to unveil the world’s first smart, detectable plastic pipe

CEA-Leti creates an HgCdTe infrared imaging array with record-breaking thermal resolution


Designed for defense and security applications, array achieves sensitivity close to one-thousandth of a degree Kelvin

CEA-Leti to present 10 papers at december IEDM/IEEE international electron devices meeting in San Francisco


CEA-Leti will present 10 papers, including two invited papers, at the IEDM/IEEE 2010 International Electron Devices Meeting Dec. 6-8, in San Francisco, Calif.

SPADnet, a new concept for biomedical imaging,


“Fully Networked, Digital Components for Photon-starved Biomedical Imaging Systems” – is a new collaborative research project funded by the European Union within the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Theme of its Seventh Research Framework Programme (FP7).

European silicon photonics project demonstrates laser and 10Gb/s silicon modulator using CMOS fabrication processes


CEA-Leti, coordinator of the European HELIOS project to accelerate commercialization of silicon photonics, said today project partners demonstrated a laser and a 10Gb/s silicon modulator using a process that is compatible with complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) processing.

Atrenta and CEA-Leti Sign a Multi-Year Collaboration Agreement


Atrenta Inc.,the leading provider of Early Design Closure® solutions to radically improve design efficiency throughout the IC design flow, announced today the signing of a multi-year collaboration agreement with CEA-Leti.

Caltech and CEA-Leti launch partnership program to speed commercialization of innovative nanotech systems


The California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and CEA-Leti, co-founders of the NanoVLSI Alliance, have launched the NanoSystems Partnership Program (NSyP) to accelerate delivery of nanosystems-based innovations to the market.

CEA-Leti and SPTS to collaborate on next-generation TSV development


CEA-Leti and SPP Process Technology Systems (SPTS) today announced they have agreed to develop advanced 300mm through-silicon via (TSV) 3D-IC processes at CEA Leti’s 300mm facilities in Grenoble, France.

CEA-Leti demonstrates the integration of CMOS-compatible plasmonic optical waveguides with silicon photonic devices


CEA-Leti announced that it has demonstrated the efficient integration of silicon photonic devices with fully complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS)-compatible plasmonic optical waveguides.

CEA-Leti makes a R&D 20nm Fully Depleted SOI process available through CMP


CEA-Leti and CMP (Circuits Multi Projets®) announced during the FDSOI Workshop at Tokyo University the launch of an Exploratory MPW (Multi Project Wafers) initiative based on FDSOI (Fully Depleted SOI) 20nm process, opening the access of its 300mm infrastructure to the design community.

CEA projects win 2 awards in business creation competition


CEA-Leti has won two prestigious awards for created and innovative companies in the 12th Business Creation Contest sponsored by the Ministry for High Education and Research. The winning projects are:ASELTA Nanographics and ETHERA.

CEA-Leti demonstrates first single-impulse active 3D imaging matrix operating at infrared frequency


CEA-Leti demonstrates new contactless communication technology for RFID smartcards


CEA-Leti announced that it has demonstrated a contactless, very high-speed interface for RFID smartcards.

CEA-Leti building Europe’s first 300mm R&D line dedicated to 3D-integration applications


CEA-Leti today announced that it is has opened a complete 300mm fab extension dedicated to 3D-integration applications. Final equipment installations will continue through to the end of this year with an inauguration event planned in January, 2011.

CEA-Leti creates interactive modeling tool for presenting urban-planning projects


CEA-Leti has designed and created a unique 3D interactive-modeling tool, based on a new user interface that could change the way urban-planning projects are presented.

CEA-Leti’s new imaging system for fDOT ready for commercialization, use in measuring and treating cancer


CEA-Leti announced that after extensive beta testing at five French research facilities, its new imaging system for near-infrared fluorescence-enhanced diffuse optical tomography (fDOT) is ready for commercial applications.

CEA-Leti unveils low-power reconfigurable multicore chip for software-defined radio and cognitive radio


CEA-Leti has developed a digital baseband circuit for software-defined-radio and cognitive-radio applications that features less than 50 microseconds (µs) for full reconfiguration and multi-applications support.

CEA-Leti and Docea Power to combine expertise on 3D integration, thermal and low-power design


CEA-Leti and Docea Power will combine their expertise in 3D silicon integration and thermal and low-power design.

Leti’s Planar-SOI Technology Meets Low-Power, 22nm Node Requirements, Supports Development of “Green” Products


Leti, a leading global research center committed to creating and commercializing innovation in micro- and nanotechnologies, today presented results at the SOI Industry Consortium workshop in Leuven, Belgium, that prove SOI-based planar CMOS meets requirements for lowpower, 22nm node devices, offering a practical route to further feature shrink and enabling a significant jump for “green” products.

Leti, Caltech Workshop to Present Nanosystem Roadmaps To Potential Industrial Partners


Leti, a leading global research center committed to creating and commercializing innovation in micro- and nanotechnologies, and the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) will present their joint nanosystem roadmaps at a Nov. 10 workshop at Caltech in Pasadena, Calif.

Leti Achieves Groundbreaking Discovery in Using Copper-based Catalysts to Synthesize Silicon Nanowire


Leti, the leading research and development institute focused on micro- and nano-technologies, announced today that it has broken new ground in the integration of nanotechnology with traditional complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) chip technology. CMOS is the most widely used technology for manufacturing silicon integrated circuits.

Le Leti fait une découverte révolutionnaire dans la synthèse des nanofils de silicium auto-assemblés


Le Leti, l’un des principaux instituts de recherche et développement spécialisé dans la micro et la nanotechnologie, a annoncé aujourd’hui une découverte importante dans le domaine des nanotechnologies. Celle-ci devrait permettre la combinaison d’une approche émergeante, l’auto-assemblage, et de la technologie traditionnelle de fabrication des composants électroniques CMOS (Compatible Metal Oxide Semiconductor).

Embedded Systems Week Highlights Leti and Grenoble’s Depth of Expertise in the Field


Leti, a leading global research center committed to creating and commercializing innovation in micro- and nanotechnologies, said today that more than 300 engineers, researchers and industry leaders from around the world are expected to attend Embedded Systems Week, Oct. 11-16, in Grenoble’s World Trade Center.

CEA-Leti and MAPPER to Launch “IMAGINE” Program with Delivery Of MAPPER’s Massively Parallel Electron Beam Platform


CEA-Leti and MAPPER Lithography announce today that MAPPER has delivered one of its massively parallel electron beam platforms to CEA-Leti.

Replisaurus and Leti Partner to Drive Innovative Metallization Technology Into Final Stages


Replisaurus Technologies, Inc. today announced a common laboratory agreement with CEA-Leti, which maintains one of the world's leading research centers for applied electronics in Grenoble, France.

TSMC Joins the CEA-Leti Program on Multiple E-Beam Lithography for IC Manufacturing


TSMC (TWSE: 2330, NYSE: TSM) and CEA-Leti, the leading French semiconductor research institute, signed an agreement today in which TSMC will join the new industrial program IMAGINE, led by CEA-Leti, on maskless lithography for IC manufacturing.

Leti Startup to Provide Improved Cancer Surgery


Leti, a leading global research center committed to creating and commercializing innovation in micro- and nanotechnologies, announced today that it has launched a new company, Fluoptics, that will improve surgery of some types of cancers.

Leti Workshop on Innovative Memory Technologies to Include Presentations by STMicroelectronics, Numonyx, IBM and SAMSUNG


Leti, a leading global research center committed to creating and commercializing innovation in micro- and nanotechnologies, is hosting a workshop on innovative memory technologies at MINATEC on Wednesday, June 24.

Leti and EPFL Expand R&D Partnership with Monthly Seminars On Micro- and Nanotechnology Topics


Leti and Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) have begun a monthly seminar series for students and professionals to discuss technical issues facing micro- and nanotechnology researchers.

Léti and Brewer Science Create a Common Laboratory for New 3-D Stacking and MEMS Process Flows


Leti and Brewer Science, Inc. signed a common lab agreement to combine their expertise in integration and materials into ultra-thin wafer processing flows for 3 Dimensional Packaging using Brewer Science temporary adhesives. They are also collaborating in the development of photosensitive and non-photosensitive coatings for MEMS manufacturing processes.